Walter Latzko 1924-2010

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Welcome to Latzko Muzik. Between 1948 and 2010, Walter Latzko (pictured at left) wrote over twelve hundred musical arrangements. To read about the life of this humble genius in his own words, click HERE.

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Existing Recordings

Three hundred-nine of Walter's arrangements have been recorded by barbershop ensembles. Most can be sampled for free, purchased digitally and/or ordered on CDs by mail. For more information, please note the Barbershop Performer's name listed by the Song Title in question in our list of arrangements. Then, search for that ensemble's name at iTunes or at one or more of the following web sites:,,,

Learning Tracks

To shorten your quartet's or chorus's learning process, overbalanced learning tracks for seventy-seven of Walter's arrangements have been produced by professional vocalists (so far), and links to those singers are provided below for your convenience. We have placed the respective links in the Learning Tracks column, corresponding to the respective Song Title rows, to help you locate the tracks. Here are the vocalists' names and web sites/e-dresses.

For a $50 charge, we can provide a full-mix (Mp3) audio file using piano tones for every arrangement listed.

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